Xinfab is non-profit organization/community. Our community is able to exist thanks to donations, sponsors and the effort of our members who help organize and grow our space into the amazing maker community it is today. To be sustainable and being able to continue our work we are always looking for sponsors and donations.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to fablab.
Special thanks to the following companies:


DOART Space, for hosting our lab and supporting XinFab.
RenewMaterial, for donating material and money for the lab.
MDD Enterprise, for donating equipment and handtools for the lab.
OPENMAKE, for donating material for the lab.
Adeo group, for sponsoring new handtools.

Autodesk, for supplying autodesk software.
Dassault systems, for supplying solidworks software.
Dfrobot, - for supplying a dreammaker 3d printer.
Qubea, for supplying a 3d printer.

And also a special thanks to all the members and volunteers for their support and donations!