Xinfab address:

Wuding West Road, 1288, 3rd floor (DoArt Space), Jing'An District, Shanghai

Mail: [email protected]

Opening hours (for members):

Follow us on we chat for updates on our opening hours and for holidays opening hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 13:00 - 21:00
Friday 13:00 - 21:00
Saturday 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday Closed

Open night:

If you are not a member, come by anytime between 7 and 9pm every 15 days on Friday to check out our space, find out what Xinfab is about, and learn how to become a Xinfabber. Everyone is welcome!


Membership & prices:

Your membership fee is in fact credits for machine usage, valid for the period of your membership. If you have a 1 month membership you can print/lasercut/etc up to the amount of your credits, if you exceed your credits then just top up your membership or pay for your use directly.
When your membership expires, your credit also expires unless you extend your membership.

Xinfab Regular membership 1 month = 180 rmb  
    6 months (+ 1 month free) = 1080 rmb  
    12 months (+2 months free) = 2160 rmb  


3D Printing

When printing objects we have 3 prices, depending on the amount of service you need.
For people who have used and have the knowledge of the use and working of a 3d printer the price is 2rmb/gram.
For people who know the basics and possibly ocassionally need some help or advice the price is 4 rmb/gram.
For people/companies who need to have something printed and already have a correct 3d (.stl) file we will print the object for you and also provide delivery service.

2 rmb/gram (100% diy, no service) incl. pay for print failure
  4 rmb/gram (with staff help) incl. pay for print failure
  8 rmb/gram (100% service) excl. pay for print failure

Besides printing PLA and ABS in our lab space, we can also create 3d printed objects in a wide variety of other materials, including Nylon, resin print, aluminium, gold, silver and ceramics. Low quantity or high quantity is all possible, please just sent us an e-mail if you have any questions or need a quotation.


Laser cutter

When you have the knowledge of the use and working of the Laser cutter the price is 35 rmb/hour. excluded material.
When assistance is needed an additional 60 rmb/hour will be charged (total 95 RMB).
Material for these machines can be bought at Xinfab, taobao or you can bring the materials yourself (not included in the membership credits).

laser cutter DIY: 35 rmb/hour  
  Service 90 rmb/hour  



Social media:

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