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[21-29.07.2018] REVIT ARCHITECTURE COURSE - beginners level

When: July 21st (10.00-16.00), 22nd (10.00-15.00), 28th (10.00-16.00), 29th (10.00-15.00)
Where: Xinfab - Wuding West Rd. 1288, Room 302, DoArt Space, Jing'an District | Xinfab-静安区武定西路1288号302,DoArt Space
Price: 4000RMB on AliPay (4025RMB WeChat - Wechat charges us a fee)

Join architect Alexandros Economou for the REVIT ARCHITECTURE Course for beginners this month of July.

Learn what is BIM and how and why Revit Architecture is the perfect tool in the industry.

This beginners course aims to explain step by step the basic elements of the interface, and commands in order to understand in depth basic to advanced concepts in Revit.

Throughout the course, Alexandros will guide you and share with you his experience using Revit. Using practical examples, you will learn how to model a house and discover what is Datum, view specific and model elements. Understand the way Revit differs from 3D modeling programs and what are the differences in CAD and BIM and concepts like conceptual massing and families.


By the end of the course, you will have the basic building blocks in order to achieve more complex tasks and have a firm grasp of the program basics. The lesson will be taught in Metric system measures.

Your dedication is key. We invite you to take notes during the course and to practice after the lessons with some homework and maximize your takeaway from the course.

Things you should bring:

-Laptop and charger
-Mouse (without it is not easy!)
-Install previously REVIT in your computer:
-Your passion, curiosity, and questions

Course duration and schedule

4 sessions, for a total of 22 hrs.
-21st July: 10.00-16.00
-22nd of July: 10.00-15.00
-28th of July: 10.00-16.00
-29th of July: 10.00-15.00


No previous knowledge of Revit is required.

Extra info

-Course taught in English
-Minimum quorum to open the course: 5 students
-Sign up DEADLINE EXTENDED: 20th July

The following are some examples of what you'll learn to do throughout the course:



-What is BIM and why using Revit?
-Introduction to Autodesk Revit Architecture interface
-File configuration and getting used to the interface of the software
-Starting our first project

Datum elements :

-Curtain walls
-Inplace families
-Visibility graphics overrides
-Rendering (mental ray)

-Creating views, details and annotations
-Site modeling
-Conceptual massing
-VRAY intro




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Alexandros Economou is an architect from Athens, Greece. He graduated from the Polytechnic School of Milan where he did his bachelor and masters degree.

He has been using Revit Architecture and Rhinoceros 3D for 10 years and has a firm grasp on both programs. He also has an extensive knowledge of other programs in the design industry that can prove useful when comes to teaching seasoned veterans to absolute beginners.

He worked in three countries and two continents for over 7 years as an architect for world renown practices and as a freelance architect.

Throughout his career, he understood that a good captain needs a good mastery of his tools of trade so he tries to keep up to date with the latest techniques of modeling 3D and the changes in the programs in the industry.

The following are some examples of Alexandros works:

Cycladic Art Museum

Jewelry shop in Athens