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When:Saturday, June 10, from 11am to 2pm
Where: Xinfab - 665,Changhua Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai (DT Space)
Price: 150 RMB (3 hours workshop)

***THIS IS PART TWO OF A TWO-PART WORKSHOP. During part one, you will learn basic tools to create a ring with Rhinoceros 3D. During part two, you will learn how to 3D print your model. You can choose to join both or either***

Join jewelry designer and digital fabrication enthusiast Pamela to learn how to create a 3D model of a ring (Part 1) and then get to print it yourself (Part 2).

In Part 2, you’ll become familiar with 3D printing technology and the materials you can use.

You’ll understand how to prepare your 3D model file for printing, how to judge whether a model is printable or not, and how to optimize settings so that you get the best out of your print.

Finally, you’ll get to print* your 3D ring and take it home with you! (You might be able to print one or two, depending on the workshop speed and number of students.)

Even if you didn't join Part 1, you can still join Part 2 and print one of Pamela's models (no customization/modification possible, as this is what we do in Part 1). At the end of Part 2, you will know how to use CURA and set up the 3D printers at Xinfab for your future 3D prints.

*The success of your print largely depends on your 3D model (.STL).

Things you should bring:
// Your laptop and charger
// Please install Cura (version 15.04) before you come! (download here: )
// Your passion, curiosity, and questions

Price includes:
// PLA material for your print


// STEP 1: Short intro to digital fabrication

// STEP 2: Prepare model, previously built, for Cura

// STEP 3: Overview of Cura Software and how to slice 3D models

// STEP 4: Learn how to operate the 3D printer

// STEP 5: Test and print your own ring model
_Printing the model should take 10-15 minutes so everyone has a chance to print out their models
_Troubleshoot and solve issues that come up during the printing process

// STEP 6: (Optional) Clean the ring with sand paper to remove any leftover and smooth the edges.

// STEP 7: Take home your first ring designed and printed by you!



// Alipay

Transfer the workshop fee to [email protected] (please indicate your phone number on the payment details so we can contact you!)

Questions? Can't pay via Alipay? Send an email to [email protected].



Pamela Martello is a Mexican jewelry designer who has been creating original and stylish designs in Shanghai for the past 4 years. Jewelry is Pamela's true love, but she is always experimenting in other fields related to design where she finds inspiration for her creations – digital fabrication is no exception. For Pamela, travelling, exploring, and living in different places offers a constant stream of stimulus for new ideas (plus a little fantasy too).