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Learn 3D Printing & Print your own model | 学习3D打印和打印您自己的模型

When:Saturday, April 8, from 1pm to 3pm
Where: Xinfab - 665,Changhua Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai (DT Space)
Price: 100 RMB

In this workshop you’ll become familiar with 3D printing technology, the materials you can use.

You’ll understand how to prepare your 3D model file for printing, how to judge whether a model is printable or not, and how to optimize settings so that you get the best out of your print.

Finally, you’ll get to print* your model (scaled down) and take it home with you!

*The success of your print largely depends on your 3D model (.STL). Most files on are printable, but not always. Make sure your model is a solid object!

Things you should bring:
// Your laptop and charger
// Please install Cura (version 15.04) before you come! (download here: )
// If you don't have a 3D model, download an STL file from (you will print one piece - make sure it's not something you need to assemble)
// Your passion, curiosity, and questions

Price includes:
// PLA material for your print



// STEP 1: The past, present, and future of 3D Printing
_3D printing technology and machines
_Materials for 3D printing
_Applications of 3D Printing

// STEP 2: Overview of Cura software and howto slice 3D models
_How to judge whether a model is printable or not
_How to optimize the settings for higher quality and fasterprints
_Possible problems and solutions

// STEP 3: Practice 3D Printing
_Test and print a small model. Printing the model should take 10-15 minutes so everyone has a chance to print out their models
_Troubleshoot and solve issues that come up during the printing process
_Quick introduction on how to build 3D models



// Alipay

Transfer the workshop fee to: [email protected]

// Wechat

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Questions? Send an email to [email protected].



Danny Kuo is a Dutch designer based in Shanghai. He currently works at Opendesk and has been a passionate volunteer at Xinfab since 2015. As a designer, Danny is concerned about how technological progress is changing our reality. With conscious design thinking, Danny aims to improve lives through his products and offer something everyone can enjoy.

时间::4月8日星期六,13:00 - 15:00
地点: 新Fab - 上海市静安区昌化路665号(DT空间)
价格: 100元




您的打印的成功很大程度上取决于您的3D模型(.STL)。 thingiverse.com上的大多数文件都是可打印的,但并不总是可打印的。 确保你的模型是一个坚实的对象.

// 笔记本电脑及其充电器
// 请先安装好Cura软件(下载地址:
// 如果您没有3D模型,请从www.thingiverse.com下载STL文件(您将打印一张 - 确保它不是您需要组装的东西)
// 你的热情、好奇心和问题



// 第1步:3D打印的过去,现在和未来

// 第2步:Cura软件概述和如何切割3D模型

第3步: 练习3D打印
_测试和打印一个小模型。 打印模型需要10-15分钟,这样每个人都有机会打印出他们的模型



// 支付宝

将车间费转移到: [email protected]

// 微信


有问题? 发送电子邮件到 [email protected].



Danny Kuo是一位上海的荷兰设计师。 他目前在Opendesk工作,自2015年以来一直是Xinfab的一个热情的志愿者。作为设计师,Danny关注技术进步如何改变我们的现实。 有了有意识的设计思维,丹尼旨在通过他的产品改善生活,并提供每个人都可以享受的东西。